Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Visit to Zoo Negara and Attend the 3 in 1 party

For a long holiday..from 20th Dec till 23rd Dec and one day to work on 24th before the Christmas break on 25th..that were two event we attend.
On 20th was Hari Raya Aidiladha…again I did not cook anything…maybe because I’m too tired or sakit mata to look at bundles and bundles of cloth need to be laundry-ing…maybe because I need to look after both kids while hubby was on conference (online)..yes he was still working on malam raya..and it was not his fault…he need to update his new boss ..and the new boss is in Budapest.And maybe…I already know that after all…all of us for sure will have nasi minyak at MIL’s house for the raya breakfast…

Hubby promised to bring the kids to Zoo Negara and Aquaria for the long holiday..He planned to go to Aquaria on Friday..and to Zoo on Saturday.I Aquaria on Friday…!!???.How am I going to handle both hyper kids alone??My hubby simple answer was..’ala…kan masjid klcc tu sebelah je…abang lari la gi solat kejap’…huh senang nyee…
So I just wait till the day come…After having our breakfast I quickly cooked for the lunch..I made Kurma ayam-that supposed to be cook on Hari Raya. Then the plan changed..hubby asked me is it ok for us spent two hours at Aquaria.He wants to go after solat Jumaat.Plan to clock in at 3 oclock and went out at 5.hmm…
Hubby left for solat Jumaat a bit earlier, he wants to pay the monthly installment for our house first.When he left, Nadzim cried and Dania was busy asking me why she couldnt follow her ayah to masjid..
Quickly I bring Nadzim to the bathroom to change his diaper and found out that he already poops and that explained why he didn’t want to sleep with his ayah.Change his cloth too..busuklah berpeluh lepas naik turun tangga..running here n there.Bring him to sleep..2-3 kali tepuk dah tdo..huh…Soon after that, dania also falls asleep…hahaha…there gone our plan to go Aquaria after Friday’s prayer.

Next to Zoo Negara on Saturday.The plans runs smooth.Woke up earlier,bathed the kids,get dressed and of to the Zoo.Bought our breakfast at the petrol station while filling the empty tank and managed to arrived at the Zoo’s entrance at 10.30am.Ohh….half of the parking lot were full.We decide to ride the train first.Sight seeing dulu baru nk jalan-jalan..Then to the animal show,sempat jugak tengok singa laut beraksi.Three animals-parrot,org utan and a sea lion shows their talent.From the animal show we decide to walk around.Haa..masa ni ah ada org tu menyesal xnak bawak stroller…hehehehe..
Again riding the train back to the main entrance and we walk to visit giraffe and elephant’s house.Nadzim and Dania were so excited.Hubby bought some bananas for us to feed the elephant.rm1 for 3 biji pisang.There was a zoo keeper selling the bananas for that purposed. Nadzim enjoyed feeding the elephant, while Dania run at my back when his ayah called her to feed the animal…hehehe…penakut sungguh…
Then we stopped by at one stall,need a bottle of plain water and a cup of steamed corn for both kid.Mind you a bottle of plain water cost us rm3.50…again..hahaha..ada org tu tak mo dgr ckp bini dia kan….
Last visit to the the lion’s and tiger’s cage before we decide to go out.Nadzim da stat bad mood…dia nk tdo…hehe
On the way back home we stopped at tesco ampang for lunch.Mama ni da tergedik2 nk rasa Nasi Ayam Linda Onn.Order half chicken and 3 plates of rice for the three of us.Nadzim was excluded, he slept all the way.We have to arrange three chairs and let him sleep peacefully.

On Sunday, we were at home.I’m done all the laundry-ing thing.It was a hot day.Hubby also managed to go the workshop nearby.Got to service his wira, add aircond..change the oils..bla..bla…

And 3 in 1 party…teringat last year sesat nk carik rumah watie ni…kali ni kami sampai jugak..hehe…Jalan pun da cantik…compared to last year, still under construction.
I met ninarizwina,auntie kombatz..and liasari.The menu were fried macaroni and bihun sup.Ada kuih muih, mixed fruits, fries,nuggets..mcm2..rajin watie masak.Huh sure bengkok pinggang kacau macaroni tu ek watie…hehe
The party was held next to the swimming pools.That caught my daughter’s attention.Dok tengok je kolam tuu…till she whisper..ayah..nk mandi kolam.I was busy eating, borak with lia while watching nadzim playing with all the toys when hubby asked..ada bawak towel..dania nk mandi..nk nangis dah tu…hahahaha…
Hubby la layan dania.. to the pool..kejap je coz hari hujan..change her cloth..feed her..lepas mandi kan lapar..while mama ni busy eating n talking…hahaha….
Ok after spending 2 hour at watie’s party, we went back to gombak.Hujan lebat la pulak all the way.Had our dinner,bathed the kids and went back to cheras at 10pm.uhuu…

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tagging Time

Been tagged by Kak Js..
1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?
with dania..she asked a lot lately..last nite she asked her nenek cheras..nenek apa ni?pointing at her nanny’s neck..(kulit yg kendur tu she meant..)
2. What were you doing at 0800?
having my breakfast
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
having the breakfast..
4. What happened to you in 2006?
erm..cant really complaint..hehe
5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
yelling at nadzim last nite..he punched the newspaper I read while sitting on the sofa..
6. How many beverages did you have today?
a cup of nescafe..
7. What color is your hairbrush?
a green comb.. its not a hairbrush
8. What was the last thing you paid for?
rm2.20 for the breakfast this morning..
9. Where were you last night?
at MIL house for 2 hour visit..
10. What color is your front door?
11. Where do you keep your change?
in my wallet...
12. What’s the weather like today?
a bit shiny but still cloudy..
13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor?
strawberry n vanilla..
14. What excites you?
the ASB announcement for 2007’s bonus n dividen
15. Do you want to cut your hair?
very much...
16. Are you over the age of 25?
yes..I am..
17. Do you talk a lot?
no for the first time met..
18. Do you watch the O.C.?
what is 0.C?
19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
20. Do you make up your own words?
21. Are you a jealous person?
yes and no..
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’.
Khairani-my cousin..
24. Who’s the first person on your received call list?
my abah..
25. What does the last text message you received say?
"you have 1 new voice msg.Please dial 1313”
26. Do you chew on your straw?
27. Do you have curly hair?
not exactly curl..more of wavy.
28. Where’s the next place you’re going to?
to the MOU of wireless city..
29. Who’s the rudest person in your life?
cant remember..
30. What was the last thing you ate?
nasi goreng..
31. Will you get married in the future?
32.What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
I’m still trying to finished ‘Harry Porter & the goblet of fire’ which I borrowed 3 weeks ago.hehe
33. Is there anyone you like right now?
my family
34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
last afternoon..
35. Are you currently depressed?
36. Did you cry today?
37. Why did you answer and post this?
I have a good mood today..:)
38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
ila..erin..phira..emmy..and whoever read my blog..hehe

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nadzim's 2nd Birthday Party

First of all I would love to thanks to all who turned up for the party.
Liasari & family
Mazzura & Family
Kak Js & Family
Phira & Family
Erin & Family
Emmy Farina & Family
Azuan and his lovely daughter
Muzammer & Family (the photographer for the day)
Harilee & Family
My Family
Mil & Fil

I only had 1 week for the preparations. In the office I & my hubby received a lots and lots of work, tender to submit, reports to be prepared. It is one of the reasons for the late invitation. Earlier I planned on 8th or 9th Dec, but suddenly on both date I received a wedding invitations I resist to go.
Then as I pass watie’s fotopages, she mentioned that she had to cancel their party on 1 Dec. It leaves me a choice to make nadzim’s party earlier so that I can attend both of the wedding invitation next week.
This time hubby plans to invite his ex school-secondary to come over the party. And I as usual invite with the usual friends I hang up in the cyber world, some at the office and a uni-mate friend.

We ourselves cook the main dish.Nasi Lemak n Mee Kari.The rest karipap,kuih lapis, sate ordered by hubby.My SIL adding up a plate of caramel and a box of karipap ayam.My mother top up sambal udang for the Nasi Lemak, add another kuih-kuih baker and her signature, bubur kacang.My father’s friend sent some rendang & nasi minyak to gombak and my father brought them to cheras.Plus the birthday cake and orange juice to cool down the hot day.
For the guest I prepared a treat bag consist of a car pencil box, a wafer,a pack of biscuit and chocolates.
Nadzim’s cousin (Norish Najwa) combine together to cut the cake.She was born a week earlier.

The guest start to come at about 3.30, the last guest at 8.30pm. Thank god for the shiny day,though it is hot but I think the kids enjoyed running outside the house. Sorry dear rumah auntie kecik je..xde space utk lari-lari..
Most of the guest leave the party at about 6pm.Hopefully sumenya kenyang dan puas makan ye. Pohon maaf dari kami sekeluarga sekiranya terdapat sebarang kekurangan.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nadzim 2nd Birthday Party

Dear friends,

We would love to invite for Nadzim's 2nd Birthday Party..on 2 Dec 2007, from 3-6pm at our place...

I had email my address,map and the online invitation...

Hope to see u guys!!...

Jln-Jln On Last Saturday

Due to lots n lots of work,i cant really expressed a nice story for this entry.Stressed.
Just want to share what we have done last saturday.We were not going anywhere on Sunday.Duduk rumah coz KL org sibuk buat demonstrasi.
So On Saturday: to tesco at 9.00 am.weekly groceries to top up.
-afternoon...went to a wedding at our neighbour's.
....went to asyraf 1st bday party...
-evening...on the way back from shah alam, singgah ke MIL..solat asar, maghrib,mkn sikit then shoot to econsave to buy garam halus which i forgot early at tesco.
ok dah..penat..

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sabtu lepas..

Akhirnya sabtu lepas side belah hubby dtg beraya…itu pun actually diorg nk dtg last week..sbb last week da ada byk agenda..postpone ke last Saturday…
Dari awal raya lg hubby da hint..nk buat mkn2 utk family dia..uihh..bunyi mcm sikit tp kalo kira2 dekat 20 org jugak tau…
Mula-mula..saya diam je..hati masih bengang lg ngan diorg..eventho da bermaafan di pagi raya..hahaha nampak sgt x ikhlas…
Sampai la diorg call last week ckp nk dtg…so terpaksa la saya plan nk masak apa…
Cuti Deepavali aritu da siap2 beli brg2…plannye nk buat bihun soto…soto tu ikut resipi lia..(of course lia masak aritu lg sedap)..hehehe
So..Sabtu tu..tunggang langgang la saya di dapur…dari pagi..buat begedil..da siap..letak dlm fridge…
Masak pulak lauk lunch..sambil tu mesin kain…kain pun da siap..mintak hubby jemur..
Then lauk lunch da siap..aritu sy masak ayam goreng berempah,sambal sotong dgn sayur kacang buncis....makan dulu…
start pulak bhn2 nk tumis kuah soto tu…da siap..kluarkan lak ayam da rebus, carikkan isi dia…
Rebus nasi impit,celur bihun,goreng begedil,goreng kacang,potong daun sup+daun bwng...kuah soto siap…ngam-ngam lepas maghrib..adehh penat bersilat sorang2…kembang2 tangan main air.
Diorang datang dalam kol 8 lebih…dah lepak2..mkn2..dlm kol 10 baru sume balik..
Penatlahhhh….Gambar…xde lah..tgh bersilat sesorang x kuasa lah nk amek gamba…huaaawa

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nisi Dominus Frustra

Today is the 6th day of my ganti puasa day.Another 5 days to go.Sunat Syawal pun abisla hari ni.Dugaan betul hari ni..nafsu makan ni mcm tak boleh ditahan.
Smalam cerita-cerita pasal skolah kejap dengan kak js.Puncanya terbaca berita kemalangan di karak-bentong.I believe that person is the father of my senior, Nik Serena,which her name mentioned in that news.

Immediately the 5 years memories at BBGS coming one by one. Whats best describe for my school? Washing n cleaning the toilet of our own, best cleanest class, best floral arrangement-those are the weekly competitions held. If our class did win one of the categories, we will scream like hell…mcmla dpt hadiah besar.hehe.. The present is actually one small trophy and it will be placed at the winning class until the next winner announced.
Not to mention.. the prefects need to check our nails, folded socks, ribbon+fringe for those not wearing tudung. Even the tudung pun x boleh yang ada sulam2 tepi tu.mesti plain, jahit tepi lurus saje. J Buttoned pocket for both pinafore and baju kurung.
The choral speaking,best hockey-team,cheerleaders,netballs,7-11,dunkin donuts, lepak at McD Bukit Bintang, malay and English talking day, our canteen, our gym, our big school field covered with 100 year-old-trees..(besar tau those pokok), flashers..heh I did saw one!!..

It is sad that the school had been demolished to make way of a huge shopping mall.I couldn’t sent my daughter to go to the school I’m proud of. I’m sad my daughter couldn’t feel the ‘aura’ of the school, couldn’t feel the spirit we felt before, couldn’t inherit the traditions, the disciplines. So sorry she couldn’t see the school that made her mama like today. And though they replace with one new complex consist of Sri Bintang Utara for girls and Sri Bintang Selatan for boys, it will never be the same like the old one. I wonder why they put the boys together coz we had one brother school, BBBS at Petaling Jaya.
I’m sure the traditions not the same as before, and the student is just go to ‘normal’ school like any school.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Raya Pictures...

1 Syawal

::Kami di Gombak::

::Nadzim,Dania and Najwa (their cousin)::

:: Nadzim da pengsan::

::Nekmama,Dania,Kak Ya n Acu::

2 Syawal
::Rumah mak kena serbu::

::Penuh setiap ruang :) ::
3 Syawal

::Dania buli ateh dia::

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Adilfitri 2007

Tahun kelima beraya sbg husband n wife…
Seronok? seronoklah..of course…..
Tp kalo Tanya meriah???
Frankly speaking…kemeriahan semakin berkurang….
Sangat berbeza sekarang…
Especially bila dah beranak pinak ni…
Bukanlah kata bila ada anak jadi x meriah…
Cuma…masa yg ada tu lebih tertumpu pada persiapan anak2…
Persiapan rumah pulak…ala kadar saje…
Takde acara masak-masak…kalo saya buat pun..sape yg dtg beraya?

Side hubby…kakak n abg dia balik kampong dah petang hari raya pertama..
While my side…mak biasa nya ada kt rumah..(dia 3rd eldest) so biasa nya adik2 dia (my uncles) akan dtg beraya rumah kitaorg…ataupun sepupu2 mak nk dtg beraya…
Macam raya kedua aritu…12 keta dtg serbu rumah mak…
Mmg dari awal pakcik tu dah bgtau…nk dtg..dia ni sepupu mak..
Dia pulak kalo dtg surely dgn anak beranak sekali…(mmg style kitaorg gitu)…
So since before raya mak dah bgtau..2nd raya tolong dia masak….
Jadi nya..2nd raya for us…dah x pakai bj raya..dari pagi sampai menjelang tghri…masak…kami buat mkn tghri….nasi beserta lauk-lauk…gulai nenas ikan masin,sayur campur,tempoyak ikan bilis dan ikan keli goring panas2…
Alhamdulillah…foods sume cukup…sempat jugak kami baca doa selamat skali…J

Macam rumah saya..kalo saya buat masak2 jugak..jadikla open house…tradisi org bandar gitu kan..
Tahun ni..kami x buat open house..lepas 2 thn berturut2 buat..rasa nk rehat la tahun ni…
Tapi…kawan2 bukanlah bermakna kami tutup pintu terus…jemput dtg..sgt di alu-alukan..yang penting bgtau dulu…manalah tahu kami tiada dirumah…paling tidak pun sempat la saya menyediakan hidangan…

Sebulan beraya…kalo ikut adat menziarah…mmg x cukup..itu kalo betul2 ziarah our family tree..sedara mara belah atuk dan nenek..
Bersepah2 kt merata ceruk kl & selangor ni…rasa2 paling jauh kt PJ-Puchong kot..hehehe..
Ini pun baru dpt jumpa 4 uncles out of 8…adik beradik mak 9 org..mak sorang ppuan…
Kalo ikut pangkat…dania dah jadik makcik dah…coz saya ada sepupu yg baru umur 1 thn…hehehhe

Lagi satu terasa kurang kemeriahan dia…takbir raya…kebiasaan kami di area rumah mak tu…mmg ada org ‘hantar takbir’..sama ada malam..atau pagi 1st kami pindah ke rumah skang…tradisi tu mcm x idup…yg dtg pagi raya..hanya baca doa selamat saje…takbir nye xde….so rasa sedikit hambar…

Tp side hubby pulak…diorg still bertakbir…masalahnya..diorg lambat…dekat kol 12 tgh mlm baru sampai…dah mamai..dah tuan rumah ngantuk….:)

Ada lg satu terasa kurang nikmat berhari raya skang ni…saya pendamkan jauh di lubuk hati…saya x dpt berterawikh…sebagai mana masa anak dara dulu…dan masa 1st time beraya as wife…masa tu still xde anak…
Skang ni cuma hubby dpt ke surau berhampiran utk terawikh…sedihhh tul rasa…masa tu la br nyesal x amek maid…hahaha..
Dan lastly yg ‘kureng’ bab raya ni…dah 2 tahun x dpt gi kubur atuk dan nenek…2 thn berturut..’raya’ dulu before raya…jadiknya x dpt la mengaji kt kubur atuk nenek…
Stakat mengaji dari jauh la utk diorg…huhuhu…sedeyynyaaa….:(

Seronok raya ni part masak2 tulah kan…sape setuju…hehehe
Puas hati kalo dpt menyediakan sendiri juadah utk tetamu… my side..adik beradik boleh diharap…SIL sorang tu pun boleh diharap…
Berkat kak long nye ni jugak membebel saban tahun…
Side hubby…? Diorg masak jugak…tp…gulp….i would like to reserve my comments…buat spoil je kang entry kali nih…hehehhe

Macam tu lah raya kami di KL nih…
Rasanya pada saya yg semakin meningkat umur ni…nk rasa betul2 meriah tu….kena tunggu anak2 da besar esok…ada tukang sibuk kt dapur…yg boleh diharap membantu mama nye ni masak2…(kena train tu…)

Masa tu rasanya…baru havoc sket rumah ni…InsyaAllah…moga umur panjang dan murah rezeki….aminn

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pre Aidilfitri 2007

backdated entry
as planned..on thursday 2 day before raya we were off and clean our own house.

i'm able to re-arrange a little bit of the furnitures.
when we enter the house about 2 yrs ago, my husband bought a set of 3-2-1 seater sofa set, an 8 seater of dining table, those furnitures really takes a lot of space for our 20x65 house. at that time i couldnt say anything, it was his money and during that time i was heavily pregnant nadzim.malas nk survey from one shop to another.we just picked the one showed in cavenzi showroom.
so last week i managed to make the house more spacious. i'll put the picture later..hehe..

on friday..we went to my mother's house..anyam ketupat (my hubby did).dekat 50 kelonsong jugakla dia anyam.while nadzim n dania play around with their aunties, i help my mom to prepare the 5 kilo rendang daging.

bila da siap masak ketupat baru lah kami balik ke cheras.singgah ke rumah MIL,send some of the ketupat and wait for the 'takbir'.at MIL's house my SIL da siap masak nasi beriyani dan ayam masak merah.saya da x lalu makan..kenyang makan masa maghrib.5 minit b4 org takbir dtg kami pun balik.dah dekat kol 12 dah tu..bdk2 ni pun dah meragam nk tdo..

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Raya 2007

Macam x excited je tahun ni...hehehhee..
Guess why..?
sbb this year..turn pagi raya di cheras...muahahahhaa..
sungguh childish kan...:D
actually bukanlah x excited..
tp preparation da buat awal sket...starting from June, i bought the kain ela for baju kurung..which all of us in my side..sedondon..this year kaler coklat kehijauan...

kuih raya...i decide no kuih this year..just beli kerepek2 n guys..sape nk dtg please inform least i could goreng bihun..hehhe
langsir..had to buat a new set..bukan apa,since october 2005 itulah langsir yang tergantung.the only one..guess its time to put the new one so that the current boleh sent to laundry.
what else?i did buy a new set of cushion cover at jln tar,rm17 for 4 pieces.Our brown sofa takdelah boring sgt nnt rupanya.
the kids...baju kurung n bj melayu sepasang jln pulak ada 2-3 pasang sorang.I plan to go shopping at midvalley,but xtahan nak mengadap org ramai we ended up shopping at parkson kajang.(pun ramai jugakkk...)

i hope last weekend i'm able to hang the new curtain,wash all new clothes,wash the biscuit container but only on monday,i'm only able to wash the new clothes only,minus bj kurung n bj melayu dania n nadzim still x siap..the sheer curtain pun blom siap.. :(
The kids were not feeling well on Sunday,dania demam n tdo the whole day..minum susu je.
while nadzim pun demam plus throwing up everytime i gave him his milk.

We will start off for raya on thursday, hubby n i will clean the house,arrange the furniture,trim the grass or should i say lain kali jgn tanam rumput la abang..kalo xmo jaga..
On Friday, off to gombak, helping my mom cook rendang,anyam ketupat,rebus n buat kuah kacang.heh itupun kalo budak2 ni x mengacau.
I hope there's some spare time that i can use for baking a choclate cake.The only thing i miss during preparation for raya.

baju raya dania n nadzim..gaun dania blom beli..ayah dia da bising..sungguh x sporting btul dia bab2 shopping ni..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

After 4 Wonderful Years..

19 September yang lepas genaplah 4 tahun status saya sebagai isteri…Now with 2 kids…Dania Saffiya-3yrs,and Muhammad Nadzim Muhaimim- 1yr 10 months..
I would like to jot down some memories of each of the family members…

This year I enter the 3rd year of being a contract staf at KL.(sighhh..bile la nk dpt tetap ni..)My contract will end on 22nd November 2007,already apply for another year.
At work my team has been added another 3 assistant officer or assistant technician.Plus F11& F14 made our team the biggest team in our department. Being a leader of total of 13 staf is not an easy task,furthermore 60% of them is above of my own age (between 35-45 yrs old).
When at home I am a mother,a chef and a maid.Everyday I’m trying to be a better mom.In our daily routine, I actually paksa or training myself to cook for my husband and our kids.Its neither that we’ve never eat outside food nor my cooking is superb,but I’m trying to avoid of being dependant to outside food,plus they add a lot of msg (monosodium glutamate) to make the food tastier.I also believe that ‘ada berkat for air tangan seorang ibu’.
I got one property-a car-.From the very 1st day I enter uni I always dream to buy a car to make my life easy.If u know my uni,it has the biggest land for education. Plus my new faculty is so far from my college.Thus, I only afford buying a car on august 2005,the 1st mpv model for perodua.Now it had turn 2 yrs on last august.

He changed his work once, now 2nd year in an oil n gas company. Previous job at one of the Telekom Contractors for about 5 yrs. I hope he enjoyed working at the current place.I could car pool with him everyday.Though now hes been calling to another interview at another oil n gas company.I’m not so happy coz the company technical office is at cyberjaya.If got the offer then I have to drive alone from Cheras to KL (huh xsuka..xsuka) or should we consider buying a new property in Gombak as agreed.
At home he is the one who have to ‘layan’ the kids while I cook.He will change their nappies,feed them and bring them to sleep.
His wira is now turning to 7 year this year.Monthly installment is finished and I’m not allowing him to change into his dream car..hahaha..not now dear..
The only thing that I still regret is until now we cant perform our solat berjemaah.We are busy with our own multi task and I hope soon when the kids are bigger we could perform the solat together.

Dania Saffiya
The eldest,the kakak she called her own self.From born till now,she love to cry.She will cry to the top of her lung if she wants our attention.In another words..kuat mengamuk…
Walk at 13 months, memorise ABC-Z,1-10 at 16 months.Now her vocabs are really suprising me.She speaks well..meaning that xdelah pelat..sometimes mcm org tua pulak.
She would remember almost everything she saw.I’m surprised that she even still remember the warm water from telaga air panas in langkawi during our visit last march.
Since last june she already can get rid of the diapers/disposable nappies.I only put her diapers if she falls asleep.
Latest, she refused to drink her formula milk,starting to slow down with formula made her ate a lot.

Muhammad Nadzim Muhaimim
His nenek gombak would called him ‘Muhammad’.I & Hubby called nadzim..or ajim..or emim..or muhaimim..or adik.
Now love to follow her kakak..every single words or actions.He can memorise ABC, 1-10..but malas.But I can see he really love coloring.He will lay down coloring or more to conteng the coloring book.
Walking at 14 months and now try to improve his vocabs.he seems a bit ‘pelat’.Would speaks half of the word we spoke to him.For example..we said..Bukakla…he said..ukak..aa…Compared to his kakak…its easy to handle him from born till now.He is not the type of night feeding babies like her kakak. After his last milk on 9pm, he will sleep till I put him at the nursery at 6.30am every morning. He was a chubby baby before, now losing and maintaining the weight and become taller.

Four of us after 4 wonderful years..:D

Friday, September 21, 2007

Changing Plan

Eversince the DNA test is confirmed nurin’s, I ‘m stuck of thinking about my kids, where should I send Dania n Nadzim for primary school?
It seems that KL is no more a safety place to grow up.
One minute you get carried away,might regret you till death.

The earlier plan is to send Dania to CBN and Nadzim to St John. It will be easy for me to pick them after school.For sekolah agama I choose to send them either at masjid Negara or masjid jln duta.
I would sacrifice my lunch time then,just to make my kids will be well educate.

But now most probably the whole plan will change. I’m so worry of schooling them here in KL. What if I‘m late to pick them? say if I attend meeting or else or worse..stuck in jammed.

My mom proposed to sent them to sekolah agama al amin.Just 5 minutes walk from her house.The school is private Islamic school.Nak lagi mahal anta ke IIS.Pun dekat situ jugak.
The fees really doesn’t bother me.InsyaAllah we will find the damnest way to save some money in order to make sure my kids is educated.

I’m a bit worry of if they finish primary, then to secondary,they are not selected to enter any boarding school (the government).macam..ohh da gi private so next step private lah..where I want them to enter any of the boarding school.Tak kisah to MRSM ke Seri puteri ke..sekolah sains ke…

So just now I chatted with my old asrama mate…Shes a cbner..huh bangga betul dia dgr nak anta ke cbn…(nasib bbgs da jauh mazrah…:P)
She is now a teacher at one of the MRSM.She said that I can sent them to private and apply for boarding school for secondary.(referring MRSM).It is because MRSM is Semi Govermnt.Besides, she said that one her student is ex-sekolah al amin gombak.siap puji lagi akhlak bagus…

Well I still need to discuss with hubby for this matter. Actually we did agree to buy our 2nd house at gombak, just couldn’t find the right house yet. The one that fit our budget since hubby decide to keep the current house.
Heh maybe all of u think I’m too advance..ok Dania is just 3 yrs old. Why too much worries..?Tak apa lah kan…huh??The next 3 years pun kejap je tuu…

Alfatihah utk Nurin

Pagi semalam semasa dalam perjalanan ke ofis, saya mendengar radio KLfm,bersama2 ustaz wan sohor bani leman membacakan alfatihah agar nurin segera ditemui.tak sangka…tghri tu nurin benar2 disahkan mati..

Terkejut dengan penemuan mayat bdk ppuan dalam beg beberapa hari lepas,smalam lagi terkejut bila polis umumkan dna bdk tu match dengan ibu bapa nurin jazlin yang hilang genap sebulan semalam.
Sebagai seorang ibu dapat saya rasakan betapa hampa..geram..kesal dan marah pada penjenayah yg melakukannya.
Kalo ikutkan hati mau saja kita seksa penjenayah tu sampai mati..sebagaimana yang telah dia lakukan pada org lain…
Betapa tidak..keadaan si kecil yang tidak berdaya..mati dalam keadaan yang sungguh terseksa…zalim sungguh manusia…

Zaman sekarang sungguh mencabar betul nk membesarkan anak..dengan kesihatan..maupun keselamatannya...sungguhpun mereka hanya berada di sekitar kawasan rumah sendiri…
Buat adik nurin…alfatihah..semoga berbahagia di sana menemui Pencipta yg Maha Esa…
Buat keluarga en jazimin…banyak2 kan bersabar…dan tabah..ini dugaan yang maha hebat.InsyaAllah nurin sedang menunggu kalian di pintu syurga…….

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life isnt complete if...

Been tagged by liasari..

Life isn’t complete if I don’t get to:

  • i would kiss hubby’s hand and he kiss my forehead before went to work.
  • Surfing,blogging and uploading some pictures to pcm,blog or fotopages.
  • Reading online newspaper..utusan/berita harian.
  • Hug n kiss my kids when we reach home.
  • Cook!!..i must make sure that at least I cook ½ or ¾ of a week.
  • Off to tesco for weekly shopping for groceries.
  • Once or twice a week my lunch time would be spent either at sogo or jln tar.heh window shopping tau!!...
  • Walking..i love to walk.Its the only exercise I did.Tak kisah walk to the masjid jamek lrt, then from klcc station up to the 1st floor of isetan. Not to mention walk thru sogo/jln tar for window shopping I did.In fact dulu2..masa skolah rendah..i used to walk to sekolah agama..and during uni time..i used to walk from kolej kelima to fakulti veterinar to attend classes..(lbh kurang sama jarak 31/2 padang bola)
  • Adding my wishlist for my house.I wonder when my house will be full furnish and nicely decorate.
  • Like lia..browsing for more recipes..but unfortunely what happen to me is..i just read and compile without trying them immediately..hahaha

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blueberry Cake

Is my birthday cake this year.saje nk tukar.normally hubby would buy choc moist cake for us.Yesterday my hubby n I on leave.Lepak2 rumah..masak..masak..but hubby pulak ada assignmt kena siapkan.So my ever workholic hubby just sit infront his laptop until 3pm.uhh..ingat cuti boleh dating2 dua org..Petang lepas asar baru we all went to jusco,beli kek..balik potong n mkn with our kids.. :D

Nasi Ayam, Family Gathering

My 1st attempt to make Nasi ayam was on last saturday.The Nasi,ayam,kicap was nice.But the sambal somehow masam next time i know what to add..whats not.

On sunday we attend to family gathering at the old atuk's house at gombak.The purpose of having this gathering..biasalahh..kenduri tahlil utk arwah.Lama jugak x jumpa all my cousins..huhu nama saje duduk kt gombak..tapi mmg jarang jumpa..raya lah sekali je..

Sedara mara saya almost everywhere in KL.I think yang paling jauh pun at Petaling Jaya.Kalo dulu-dulu masa raya,rumah atuklah paling meriah.Memang x kering tangan nenek buat air n basuh pinggan.

Sedih je rasa sbb keadaan sangat2 berlainan...time raya rumah atuk sunyi sepi.Sekarang yg duduk situ Paksu n family.Rumah tu atuk kata utk Paksu n Mak.Mak pulak dah beli tanah lain dan buat rumah.

Sedih sbb everytime ke rumah tu teringat arwah nenek.Kalo cuti skolah,mmg kami 3 org duduk lepak umah nenek.seberang jalan je dari rumah kami yang lama.masa tu 3 org lg adik blom lahir..Ingat lagi..kalo time makan nenek akan ambil besen sederhana besar..letak nasi,lauk utk cucu2 dia makan.dia suap sendiri..berebut2 kami mcm anak burung.selain kami anak pak anjang pun ada 2-3 org yg lebih kurang sebaya kami.itulah 'berkat' air tangan dia sampai sekarang kami x pernah lupakan nenek..

Setiap hari kalo masuk maghrib mesti nenek panggil saya ke surau bersama-sama.Lepas isyak baru balik.Kalo di surau ada kuliah ke apa..nenek lah org nya yg akan susun kuih muih yg dibawa..susun cawan2 dlm dulang.keesokkannya kalo kena time cuti..saya lah org yg di ajak utk cuci pinggan mangkuk yg da pakai tu.

Kalo duduk2 depan tv..nenek suka tgk cerita arab.everytime kluar subtitle mesti nenek suruh bacakan.Saya x pasti kenapa..mugkin sbb nenek malas nk pakai cermin mata or dia x boleh baca rumi.kalo tulisan jawi dia boleh baca.

atuk pulak org nye serius sket.dulu2 dia ada kedai da tua xde dah.
atuk kalo baring2 suka cucu2 dia cabut uban..kiralah..sehelai 1 sen..dapat 10 helai..dpt lah selalunya atuk akan bg lebih upahnya...:)

Masa tua atuk dia gemar berkebun.dia ada tanah kebun di sepang dan di jenderam.masa tu rasa jauh sgt nak pegi.kalo atuk ada lg skang mesti dia sronok.highway melingkar2 ke sana.tanah kt sepang tu pun kalo dinilai dah berjuta2 harga nya.
pendek kata seronok kalo melepak kat rumah nenek..haha lg satu kalo saya gi mandi sungai.mak sure marah nenek backing giler..uhuh cucu dia yg sorang ni jgn dimarah...hehehe..sebut pasal sungai biasanya nenek dan mak anjang akan masuk ke dlm ladang estate..utk basuh kain kat least 2x seminggu.jgn terkejut sbb sungai nya bersih sebersih2nya.langsung xde pencemaran.nk minum direct pun boleh.air sungai jernih..sampai nampak anak ikan yang berkeliaran.skang ni kawasan tu dah xde...dah buat UIA..sungai2 pun dah dialih arah.
kat rumah bukan xde mesin seronok kot membasuh di sungai..air bersih..mengalir..disamping tu mandi skali...syokkk..

kalo diimbas mmg byk yg nak dicerita..x muat blog ni...

insyaAllah bila2 dlm bulan pose ni saya akan pergi ke kubur arwah nenek dan atuk.aktiviti biasa saya dgn pakcik saya..membersihkan kubur sambil membaca ayat2 suci.dah kawen ni ada sekali dua x dpt pergi..maklumlah..anak lg..kerja rumah lg..

ini gamba masa gathering on sunday..dah uzur rumah nenek..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dania's Birthday Bash

Ok..about dania’s birthday bash…
Kali ni buat birthday party..1st time jemput kwn2 online…Biasanya jemput immediate family saje.
Ada 3 acara actually hari tu.Pagi marhaban cukur jambul anak buah,tghri kenduri nk pose.Mak mmg biasa buat kenduri ni.Petang baru birthday dania.
Majlis berlansung lancar pada pagi..then tghri ok lg…sampai kol 2.30 tiba2 mak sibuk2 nasi habis..kelam kabut masak yang baru.
Dalam hati saya da risau.nnt kwn2 yg datang petang sure terperangkap dlm ramai2 jemputan yg lewat ni.Actually lps tghri kenduri tahlil n doa selamat tu,selesai saje org surau dan masjid, family adik ipar datang.(I thought je the immediate family..but yg dtg mcm satu kampong saje).
Untuk petang kami tempah sate, char kuehtiaw,kuih muih,roti jala.
Pada saya sume x kena aritu..1st nasi x cukup utk tghri..2nd org sate lupa nk letak timun n nasi himpit..3rd roti jala mak kluarkn utk org marhaban pagi tu…so sampai petang da abis.Nasibla ada kuih2 lain.Kalo u all nk tahu..saya x mkn pun aritu.Pagi tu mkn nasi sejuk n lauk sambal smalam.Maghrib baru sentuh nasi n lauk udang tempoyak.Tgh sibuk2 mcm tu mmg x lalu nk mkn.
Sate langsung x rasa..yg rasa charkuehtiaw tu je sket2…

Masa ni kak js da sampai..kesian diorg sbb terperangkap tgh2 ramai org tu.Nak ajak masuk dlm, dlm pun penuh dgn family adik kami duduk kt dapur je..hahaha..
Lepas tu watie n family..erin n family…nina n family..phira n family pun sampai.
Then officemate,hazren, izan,fitri..ayu n family..
Kawan-kawan hubby pun dtg gak time ni..Soh Hong n family,Thessla,Harilee n family..

Agak2 keadaan dah reda sket..dlm kol 4.30 baru keluarkan birthday kek..
Kali ni ada theme..sesame street..kek dania pulak bentuk muka elmo.Punya lah suka dia tgk kek tu.Kek shida yg buatkan.we all amek the nite b4.bila sampai rumah mak, dania terus mintak potong..hehehhe
Time potong kek..masa ni kak js n family da diorg x dpt tgk.The rest dapatlah jugak.
Dalam kol 5 lebih...masa ni forummer dgn officemate dah balik..barulah muncul zam dgn shiem n family masing2..
Dalam kol 6 camtu jemputan sume balik..tinggal officemate hubby..diorg borak2..officemate dia yg sorang ni mmg kaki borak..
Kepada kengkawan sume…mintak maaf la sbb majlis x teratur..insyaAllah lps ni on December utk nadzim..hopefully much more better.Kali ni buat di cheras.saya tgh berkobar2 nak masak sendiri kali ni.macam x puas je tempah tp hasilnye x seberapa..
Dah plan nk buat mee kari n nasi goreng cina..but don’t be surprised kalo menu nye bertukar nanti..hehehe.InsyaAllah guys…wait 4 the invitations ye…

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Birthday Present

I know I should write about dania's birthday bash last week..but couldnt help writing this entry coz I'm so excited..sgt2 teruja..
When September comes..there are 2 important that should or mandatory have to be remembered..that birthday on 9th and our annivesary on 19th.
For the past 3 years..the celebration is in a simple or minimum situation.For the 1st year, I was in confinement days.So my husband only bought a nice choc moist cake after the days.2nd year,I was heavily pregnant my 2nd child.We only celebrate a nice lunch at TGI Fridays.Itupun pegi hari Jumaat,and I had to lepak there alone almost 1 hour coz hubby went to Friday's prayer.
The 3rd this time we had move to our very own house.There's so much things need to be settled and my husband just move into a new job.We had to postpone the celebration until Mac 2007.We went to Langkawi,had a restful vacation and at this time hubby bought me 1 set of vision and 1 complete set of corning ware.This, he said considered as the present.hehe..
So the 4th one this year, what did i got?
Hint 1# (at MIL house)
hubby: dekat semua house ada Habib tak?
hubby:takdela tgk dlm paper ada sales up to 40%
me:ohh sales tu..kdg2 depend pada outlet..
Hint 2# (next day at my mom's house)
hubby:jomla kluar kejap..beli ketam (actually dania demam panas..nak buatkn sup)
me:ehh nape gi giant la (dia ikut jln gi jusco pulak)

when we reached jusco, hubby went straight to mamat ni..At habib ada a few couples yg tgh tgk the jewelleries.We hubby asked the items that he saw on the paper.I'm not interested on those items..but i'm more interested in 'other' items..such as the bracelet,bangles and the diamond rings.hahaha.
When hubby asked me to choose..I'm just like..uuhhh betul ke husband aku ni.There is a bracelet and a diamond ring that get my attention but at the end I asked him to go to habib at alamanda for more choices..

That night, after we reached home, and I finished unpack everything..suddenly my husband said he wants to go the Habib Merdeka sales at ampang..whatttt???
FYI..the sales only started on 10pm onwards..I dont know the closing time, but suprisingly the oulet mmg kena serbu.I can hear bising sgt when he called me asking me, what did i want.
I think hes back at around 12++pm..I cant remember..too sleepy.Open the door and sleep back.
That morning he showed me what did he bought for me.after 55% he got the present that fit his budget.If u know my husband, he is the type of wants to make sure that every single cent he spent is worth.That's why when he did buy me this nice white-gold-diamond ring,makes me soo excited..hehe..i'm so happy :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A new wardrobe and a vacuum cleaner

That would be my wishlist for next month.Desperately need those two items in order to manage our clothes more proper and make my house more tidy.
For the new wardrobe i would purposely put on all the towels,bedsheets and curtains while the current one mainly for our clothes only.
I only have time to swept the floor during nights.That would having my kids running every corner in the house,surely the dust will blow all over and i cant open all my windows and door while sweeping.My current practise is swept the floor after reach the house at about 6pm,before hubby went to pick up the kids.If we manage to come earlier,if not the floor will not be clean.Like what happened last 2 weeks where my husband had to go training and we came back only at 8.30pm.During the weekdays the floor was dusty.I really hate it.
So i hope by having a vacuum i can clean the floor whenever i like..but ehh what will my neighbours said when they heard of the humming machine during nights???

Last weekend

Another tiring weekends..
On saturday I have to do 3 loads of laundry,not to mention the clean and dry clothes that need my attention for the past 1 week.Then for lunch i quickly cook ayam masak merah as per hubby's request and sayur bayam for the kids..
Up untill 4.30pm the last laundry finished,my sister called asking whether i'm going back to gombak or not.
No lah we wont..btw dah petang and nk ngadap a bundle of kain lagi...

come Sunday, we went for a wedding invitation at Hutan melintang,Perak.Hubby decided to follow the old road.The road is ok since it had been upgraded.But the journey was too wonder how my friends going back kampung for raya.Me yang 3 hours journey pun da sakit pinggang..
It is actually hubby's cousin's wedding and since we never went to Mak Lang house, we have no choice and have to go for the wedding.
My kids did not give us much trouble,infact not at all.Dania was busy munching karipap and nasi lemak at the back with her nenek cheras while nadzim slept 2/3 of the journey.
This is also the first long ride for dania being diaper-less.Actually i decide to put on her diaper but my husband said dont put..yeahh right if she want to get pee put the diaper yourself ok.Luckyly she did not..hehehe

we had a great lunch at the kenduri..x sia-sia dtg dari about 2.30 pm we went back to KL.We stop at masjid sg nipah to perform zohor and rest for about 1 hour.After my MIL changing car (before she was with us,then decide to follow her husband )we continue the journey, we stop again at sabak bernam to buy manggoes and fresh-pick corns.
at about 6pm we reach my moms house at gombak to get refresh, perform asar, bathe dania n nadzim (my sister did actually..haha),had our dinner and shoot back to cheras at about 9.00pm.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Bash n PCM Gathering

Last saturday we went to a Birthday party at Tmn Cheras Perdana..Little Qistina turned into 2yrs old that day...Happy Birthday Qistina...May Allah will always bless ya...:D
On our way to Erin's house, I totally forgot to bring along the address..eceh confident lah tu konon tau..sekali byk fasa you..hehehetrying to sms my colleague, lia,js and tried to call nad...
We wait for about 10 minutes and since nobody answered our phone calls n sms, we decided to go back home for the husband was really 'bengang' simple excuse is..'ayah..i hd been delivered to 2 healthy babies..u can count how many urat yg da putus..i had problem with short term memory..(mcm dory-finding nemo)hahahha...but serius..cepat sgt lupa...and it proved when i forgot to pick the birthday present just at the back dash board when i settled picking out my children from the car... LOL
Nadzim and Dania really enjoy running here n there at the party..sweating all over...
We wait untill cutting cake ceremony and managed to meet js&family n nad & family...Finally kak js..i'm able to make asyraf sweeettt..twice pulak tuu..jgn maree...hehehhe
To erin..thanks a lot for the invitation...we left with a full stomach..:D

after the party we went to a clinic nearby coz nadzim had blocked nose plus he still did not take the 1 1/2 year jab...then shoot to nenek cheras house untill after maghrib to tesco...i had to buy air ko

tak for tomorrow's gathering and some of our finished groceries...

Next on Sunday morning...PCM families gathering....
This is actually 2nd gathering i attend for PCM..the 1st one last year attend by only 5 families..but this year about 20 families are coming...
Every family has to bring a pot we bring 'bihun goreng tak pedas' since nina will bring her famous bihun goreng tom yam which a little bit spicy...
Again Dania n Nadzim enjoying themselves..picnic pulak sebelah tmn permainan...tak payah mkn pun xpe...sorang nak naik gelongsor..sorang nak naik buai...pening ayah diorg...hehehe :-D
After a few session of photo-ring...and about 11.30 we left the lake garden,itu pun the kids taknak balik...nak mainn mamaa...
On the way back..nadzim pun pengsan...while Dania still active, she even ask for 'Shrek' when we reached home...then dia sorang2 tgk sampai habis while mama,ayah n adik dah pengsan...
After performing zohor and munch a bit we again shoot to jusco balakong..mama sibuk nak redeem point...:) At this point only Dania get so sleepy...shes been moody and crying...nak dukung dgn ayah...while my husband was with Nadzim....sian dia...
6.30pm sampai rumah...and after maghrib both kids pengsannn....hehehe
what a tiring weekend we had..... :-D

Monday, April 16, 2007

long silence

tiba-tiba rasa mcm nk tulis somting...
masuk usual lupa password..try to recover
rupa2nya da upgrade..blogspot da join dgn kena aktifkan akaun with googles email...
lama jugak...pilih2 template...
apa yg nk tulis pun da terlupa...