Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A new wardrobe and a vacuum cleaner

That would be my wishlist for next month.Desperately need those two items in order to manage our clothes more proper and make my house more tidy.
For the new wardrobe i would purposely put on all the towels,bedsheets and curtains while the current one mainly for our clothes only.
I only have time to swept the floor during nights.That would having my kids running every corner in the house,surely the dust will blow all over and i cant open all my windows and door while sweeping.My current practise is swept the floor after reach the house at about 6pm,before hubby went to pick up the kids.If we manage to come earlier,if not the floor will not be clean.Like what happened last 2 weeks where my husband had to go training and we came back only at 8.30pm.During the weekdays the floor was dusty.I really hate it.
So i hope by having a vacuum i can clean the floor whenever i like..but ehh what will my neighbours said when they heard of the humming machine during nights???

Last weekend

Another tiring weekends..
On saturday I have to do 3 loads of laundry,not to mention the clean and dry clothes that need my attention for the past 1 week.Then for lunch i quickly cook ayam masak merah as per hubby's request and sayur bayam for the kids..
Up untill 4.30pm the last laundry finished,my sister called asking whether i'm going back to gombak or not.
No lah we wont..btw dah petang and penat..plus nk ngadap a bundle of kain lagi...

come Sunday, we went for a wedding invitation at Hutan melintang,Perak.Hubby decided to follow the old road.The road is ok since it had been upgraded.But the journey was too long..my..i wonder how my friends going back kampung for raya.Me yang 3 hours journey pun da sakit pinggang..
It is actually hubby's cousin's wedding and since we never went to Mak Lang house, we have no choice and have to go for the wedding.
My kids did not give us much trouble,infact not at all.Dania was busy munching karipap and nasi lemak at the back with her nenek cheras while nadzim slept 2/3 of the journey.
This is also the first long ride for dania being diaper-less.Actually i decide to put on her diaper but my husband said dont put..yeahh right if she want to get pee put the diaper yourself ok.Luckyly she did not..hehehe

we had a great lunch at the kenduri..x sia-sia dtg dari jauh..haha..at about 2.30 pm we went back to KL.We stop at masjid sg nipah to perform zohor and rest for about 1 hour.After my MIL changing car (before she was with us,then decide to follow her husband )we continue the journey, we stop again at sabak bernam to buy manggoes and fresh-pick corns.
at about 6pm we reach my moms house at gombak to get refresh, perform asar, bathe dania n nadzim (my sister did actually..haha),had our dinner and shoot back to cheras at about 9.00pm.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Bash n PCM Gathering

Last saturday we went to a Birthday party at Tmn Cheras Perdana..Little Qistina turned into 2yrs old that day...Happy Birthday Qistina...May Allah will always bless ya...:D
On our way to Erin's house, I totally forgot to bring along the address..eceh confident lah tu konon tau..sekali byk fasa you..hehehetrying to sms my colleague, lia,js and tried to call nad...
We wait for about 10 minutes and since nobody answered our phone calls n sms, we decided to go back home for the address...my husband was really 'bengang'..muahahaha..my simple excuse is..'ayah..i hd been delivered to 2 healthy babies..u can count how many urat yg da putus..i had problem with short term memory..(mcm dory-finding nemo)hahahha...but serius..cepat sgt lupa...and it proved when i forgot to pick the birthday present just at the back dash board when i settled picking out my children from the car... LOL
Nadzim and Dania really enjoy running here n there at the party..sweating all over...
We wait untill cutting cake ceremony and managed to meet js&family n nad & family...Finally kak js..i'm able to make asyraf smile..so sweeettt..twice pulak tuu..jgn maree...hehehhe
To erin..thanks a lot for the invitation...we left with a full stomach..:D

after the party we went to a clinic nearby coz nadzim had blocked nose plus he still did not take the 1 1/2 year jab...then shoot to nenek cheras house untill after maghrib to tesco...i had to buy air ko

tak for tomorrow's gathering and some of our finished groceries...

Next on Sunday morning...PCM families gathering....
This is actually 2nd gathering i attend for PCM..the 1st one last year attend by only 5 families..but this year about 20 families are coming...
Every family has to bring a pot luck..so we bring 'bihun goreng tak pedas' since nina will bring her famous bihun goreng tom yam which a little bit spicy...
Again Dania n Nadzim enjoying themselves..picnic pulak sebelah tmn permainan...tak payah mkn pun xpe...sorang nak naik gelongsor..sorang nak naik buai...pening ayah diorg...hehehe :-D
After a few session of photo-ring...and tapau-ing..at about 11.30 we left the lake garden,itu pun the kids taknak balik...nak mainn mamaa...
On the way back..nadzim pun pengsan...while Dania still active, she even ask for 'Shrek' when we reached home...then dia sorang2 tgk sampai habis while mama,ayah n adik dah pengsan...
After performing zohor and munch a bit we again shoot to jusco balakong..mama sibuk nak redeem point...:) At this point only Dania get so sleepy...shes been moody and crying...nak dukung dgn ayah...while my husband was with Nadzim....sian dia...
6.30pm sampai rumah...and after maghrib both kids pengsannn....hehehe
what a tiring weekend we had..... :-D