Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nadzim's 2nd Birthday Party

First of all I would love to thanks to all who turned up for the party.
Liasari & family
Mazzura & Family
Kak Js & Family
Phira & Family
Erin & Family
Emmy Farina & Family
Azuan and his lovely daughter
Muzammer & Family (the photographer for the day)
Harilee & Family
My Family
Mil & Fil

I only had 1 week for the preparations. In the office I & my hubby received a lots and lots of work, tender to submit, reports to be prepared. It is one of the reasons for the late invitation. Earlier I planned on 8th or 9th Dec, but suddenly on both date I received a wedding invitations I resist to go.
Then as I pass watie’s fotopages, she mentioned that she had to cancel their party on 1 Dec. It leaves me a choice to make nadzim’s party earlier so that I can attend both of the wedding invitation next week.
This time hubby plans to invite his ex school-secondary to come over the party. And I as usual invite with the usual friends I hang up in the cyber world, some at the office and a uni-mate friend.

We ourselves cook the main dish.Nasi Lemak n Mee Kari.The rest karipap,kuih lapis, sate ordered by hubby.My SIL adding up a plate of caramel and a box of karipap ayam.My mother top up sambal udang for the Nasi Lemak, add another kuih-kuih baker and her signature, bubur kacang.My father’s friend sent some rendang & nasi minyak to gombak and my father brought them to cheras.Plus the birthday cake and orange juice to cool down the hot day.
For the guest I prepared a treat bag consist of a car pencil box, a wafer,a pack of biscuit and chocolates.
Nadzim’s cousin (Norish Najwa) combine together to cut the cake.She was born a week earlier.

The guest start to come at about 3.30, the last guest at 8.30pm. Thank god for the shiny day,though it is hot but I think the kids enjoyed running outside the house. Sorry dear rumah auntie kecik je..xde space utk lari-lari..
Most of the guest leave the party at about 6pm.Hopefully sumenya kenyang dan puas makan ye. Pohon maaf dari kami sekeluarga sekiranya terdapat sebarang kekurangan.


s2m3r said...

erk..dpt car pencil box....a'ha
ruginya tak dapat datang
gambar mana azie

eiseai said...

azie...food was wonderful.
sedap sangat sangat
mana gambar :)

ezrina said...

Azie, thanks for inviting us...
first time sampai Bandar Mahkota Cheras...

Cepat2 upload gambar ye Azie..

azie said...

uwaaa..gamba...hari2 bwk kamera ni gi opis...lom dpt upload lg..bzz..keje byk gile...

watie said...

huwaaaaaaa.....dek x baca email...i miss this party.....rugi yer x dapat car pencil box

mazzura said...

thanks azie..makanan memang best!mana gambar?

Liasari said...

food really delicious... kenyang! pdhal be4 sampai x lalu makan dek gila bayang... hehe.
anak2 enjoy dapat main lari2 ... ;-)