Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Birthday Present

I know I should write about dania's birthday bash last week..but couldnt help writing this entry coz I'm so excited..sgt2 teruja..
When September comes..there are 2 important that should or mandatory have to be remembered..that are..my birthday on 9th and our annivesary on 19th.
For the past 3 years..the celebration is in a simple or minimum situation.For the 1st year, I was in confinement days.So my husband only bought a nice choc moist cake after the days.2nd year,I was heavily pregnant my 2nd child.We only celebrate a nice lunch at TGI Fridays.Itupun pegi hari Jumaat,and I had to lepak there alone almost 1 hour coz hubby went to Friday's prayer.
The 3rd one..at this time we had move to our very own house.There's so much things need to be settled and my husband just move into a new job.We had to postpone the celebration until Mac 2007.We went to Langkawi,had a restful vacation and at this time hubby bought me 1 set of vision and 1 complete set of corning ware.This, he said considered as the present.hehe..
So the 4th one this year, what did i got?
Hint 1# (at MIL house)
hubby: dekat semua house ada Habib tak?
hubby:takdela tgk dlm paper ada sales up to 40%
me:ohh sales tu..kdg2 depend pada outlet..
Hint 2# (next day at my mom's house)
hubby:jomla kluar kejap..beli ketam (actually dania demam panas..nak buatkn sup)
me:ehh nape gi sini..gi giant la (dia ikut jln gi jusco pulak)

when we reached jusco, hubby went straight to habib.eh..eh mamat ni..At habib ada a few couples yg tgh tgk the jewelleries.We hubby asked the items that he saw on the paper.I'm not interested on those items..but i'm more interested in 'other' items..such as the bracelet,bangles and the diamond rings.hahaha.
When hubby asked me to choose..I'm just like..uuhhh betul ke husband aku ni.There is a bracelet and a diamond ring that get my attention but at the end I asked him to go to habib at alamanda for more choices..

That night, after we reached home, and I finished unpack everything..suddenly my husband said he wants to go out.to the Habib Merdeka sales at ampang..whatttt???
FYI..the sales only started on 10pm onwards..I dont know the closing time, but suprisingly the oulet mmg kena serbu.I can hear bising sgt when he called me asking me, what did i want.
I think hes back at around 12++pm..I cant remember..too sleepy.Open the door and sleep back.
That morning he showed me what did he bought for me.after 55% he got the present that fit his budget.If u know my husband, he is the type of wants to make sure that every single cent he spent is worth.That's why when he did buy me this nice white-gold-diamond ring,makes me soo excited..hehe..i'm so happy :D


eiseai said...

uih...seronok nya dia, sampai tak sempat nak letak entry birthday dania.

birthday present i last year tak dpt pun lagi...hehehe

Liasari said...

azie... nak jugakkkk... terliur dibuatnyer!!!
apa aku akan dpt 7 september ni ye?

redrania said...

kak js~huhu kak..itupun 4th yearlah kak..hehehe itu yg excited tu..mcm x pecaya la pulak en mahathir sanggup belikan..uihh bukan senang nk tgk dia blanja gitu..hehehe

lia~ehh u on 7th ye..ingat 29th..gap 2 hari je lah..ehh rasa habib still ada sales lg ni..try tgk..heheh

s2m3r said...