Friday, September 21, 2007

Changing Plan

Eversince the DNA test is confirmed nurin’s, I ‘m stuck of thinking about my kids, where should I send Dania n Nadzim for primary school?
It seems that KL is no more a safety place to grow up.
One minute you get carried away,might regret you till death.

The earlier plan is to send Dania to CBN and Nadzim to St John. It will be easy for me to pick them after school.For sekolah agama I choose to send them either at masjid Negara or masjid jln duta.
I would sacrifice my lunch time then,just to make my kids will be well educate.

But now most probably the whole plan will change. I’m so worry of schooling them here in KL. What if I‘m late to pick them? say if I attend meeting or else or worse..stuck in jammed.

My mom proposed to sent them to sekolah agama al amin.Just 5 minutes walk from her house.The school is private Islamic school.Nak lagi mahal anta ke IIS.Pun dekat situ jugak.
The fees really doesn’t bother me.InsyaAllah we will find the damnest way to save some money in order to make sure my kids is educated.

I’m a bit worry of if they finish primary, then to secondary,they are not selected to enter any boarding school (the government).macam..ohh da gi private so next step private lah..where I want them to enter any of the boarding school.Tak kisah to MRSM ke Seri puteri ke..sekolah sains ke…

So just now I chatted with my old asrama mate…Shes a cbner..huh bangga betul dia dgr nak anta ke cbn…(nasib bbgs da jauh mazrah…:P)
She is now a teacher at one of the MRSM.She said that I can sent them to private and apply for boarding school for secondary.(referring MRSM).It is because MRSM is Semi Govermnt.Besides, she said that one her student is ex-sekolah al amin gombak.siap puji lagi akhlak bagus…

Well I still need to discuss with hubby for this matter. Actually we did agree to buy our 2nd house at gombak, just couldn’t find the right house yet. The one that fit our budget since hubby decide to keep the current house.
Heh maybe all of u think I’m too advance..ok Dania is just 3 yrs old. Why too much worries..?Tak apa lah kan…huh??The next 3 years pun kejap je tuu…

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