Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tag Gamba Kawen

Simple je..carik gamba kawen yang paling korang suka n tepek kt blog memasing....

disebabkan kawen bukan pada zaman tgh menggila dslr...so saya tepaksa la mengambik gambo atas gambo..tgk tu album pun da tuko kaler..ekekek
ini gamba lepas nikah...dah sedondon kaler putih tu kan...
so inilah gamba berdua secara rasmi setelah bergelar suami isteri...
tp..sy x suka benornya gambo ni...sbb makeup tebal mak enon....
layann je lahh....

sape lagi yg tingin nk follow tag nih???
sila lahh yer...hehe

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dania mengidam

ni antara favourite food dania...minggu ni da ditunaikan..so ini merangkap our dinner lah...hehe

::pasta..be it spaghetti..macaroni..elbows..or spirals..::

::nasi goreng...::

sib baik mintak senang2...jgn mintak steak ke pies/any pastries ke..yg susah2 tu...garu kepala mama...

Menyiapkan homework

i was tagged by salwa n kak salina...erkk i'm too farr from that supermummy award...terasa byk kekurangan diri...hehe

1.Admit one thing you feel awful about (involving being a mom). Once you have written it down, you are no longer allowed to feel bad. Remember you are a good mom!
i couldnt help from feeling awful of not breastfeeding my childrens exclusively..I only nursed all three of them during confinement period.
During Dania, i was lacked of knowledge about breastfeeding..
During Nadzim, i was a bit ready, but i'm too tired of having 2 childrens to mind of and perhaps lack of support from the family, my mom is not supporting for breastfeeding. I was a bit underpressure during my confinement period in her house.
During Naeem, i undergo for c-sect delivery, my body was a bit weak..However i did try to nursed him fully for the first 2 weeks, the FM was given only once or twice a day. To me that was considered success. After 2 weeks, my stiches became reddish and it felt a bit hurt. I had to lay down instead of sitting to nurse him. I had to give extra attention to my stiches more than nursing Naeem.
Over 2 months, there gone my spirit of breastfeeding my babies...

2. List 7 things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.
1- I love the glowing eyes they showed when they came home from nursery and from outside they yelling asking " mama masak ape hari nii...sedap nye bauu..."

2-Dania always give credit to my cookings..even i only made bubur ayam for her. Mind you that is only when her mood is good. If anything spoiled her mood..she will simply said.."mama masak x sedapp..." even after she had finished 2 bowls of her favourite spaghetti...

3-I love to talk to them when they begin to talk, laughing at the words they choose to describe thing..For example:
Dania: 'Mama..kenapa org tu GELAP" (she was referring to the house guard)

4-Every night I need to kiss and hugs my childrens before they went for sleep..

5-I choose their daily wear, to taska or on weekends. My hubby failed this job.

6-I also love to 'geletek' my childrens..

7-If i need to choose my work or my childrens, without any doubt i would choose my childrens..they are my everything....

3. Send this to 5 other moms of the year that deserve a reminder that they too are the best moms that they can be. Remember to send them a note letting them know you have selected them, and also add a link to your post that directs people back to the person who nominated you.

i'm sending to another 5 best moms...

to all the mummies not in list...remember that u are also the best mommy...

This is another tag....

The 4 tags..
4 names that friends call U:
-kak raziah
-kak gie

4 most important dates in your life:
- 9/9/1978 & 12/7/1976
-1/3/2003 & 19/9/2003
-12/8/2004, 28/11/2005 & 6/9/2008
-every 15th of Aug..(road tax n insurans keta mati beb..heh)

4 things you've done in the last 30 minutes:
-having breakfast
-sending email
-browsing LENO catalog
-calling my mom

4 ways to be happy:
-kissing my childrens

4 gifts you would like to receive:
4 only ke?i need more pleasee...
-a nice luxury designer bag...(hahaha...)
-vacation to gold coast, oz
-gold necklace with my name mould on it
-a laptop so that i could update my blog everyday..(xde nk take turn with hubby using the internet)

4 of your favourite hobbies:
-window shopping

4 places you want to go for vacation:
-gold coast, oz

4 things always found in your bag:
-long wallet
-coin purse
-car key

Top 4 u love so much:
-my parents
-my husband
-my childrens
-my 'myvi'

Top 4 things 'special' for you:
-my debit card
-my car
-my handbag ( the brand is not 'special..but i do need my handbag coz i dumped everything inside..even with the children's bag i still bring my own handbag)
-my handphone

Top 4 who you would like to answer this survey:

-Hjh siti noor

fuhh siap punn...

Monday, April 20, 2009

'Adam Pemadam'

I noticed a few weeks back dania keep on mentioning her friend in taska known as 'Adam Pemadam'.Being a mother i tried to make her realise that it is not good to call a friend in that way.
Just now when she mentioned that name again i was like...
me: "kakak..x baik tau panggil mcm tu...kan nama dia adam je"
dania: "ala..dia x marah pun...'
me:"kesian dia kakak panggil mcm tu..."
dania:"ala...xpe...dia x marah pun.."
me: "dia x marah??"
dania: "haah..dia xmarah kakak panggil dia adam pemadam...dia marah kalo panggil dia DONAT BUSUK...dia menangis...."

I & mr.hubby pecah perut gelak ok....hahahahha

haihhh..dania oo dania.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bubur/Puree utk Naeem

Smalam..sy try wat bubur/puree utk naeem...actually bubur nasi...tp sbb diblender..jd la puree...naeem mkn banyak jugak...satu piring tu tinggal sket je lg nk abis...
so kejap lg balik nursery,nk tgk ada naik rashes ke x..sbb campur sket ikan bilis...
kalo xde...(rasanya xde kot) sbb mlm td ok je..cikgu taska pun x call...so this week saya nk abiskan sume stok nestum dia tuh...next week insyaAllah..start buatkn bekal utk naeem..
cuma teragak2 lg ni nk blend ke tak...sbb aritu sy pakai blender yg utk bahan kering tu..bubur kan watery..so kena cepat2 takut meleleh pulak..
nk pakai blender biasa tu..takut hangat lak..sbb blender tu blend cili kering...
hmmm..kena pau ayah dia la ni..beli blender tu saje...ada nampak kt tesco..xyah beli machine...tp kan...boleh ke fit ke machine tu nnt ek...or kena bwk machine skali utk test...??
kang da beli2 x fit pulakk...???
kengkawan ada idea..? sape yg biasa blender bubur anak ni..cemana ye?

dulu..masa dania n nadzim...xyah pakai blender..masak je bubur lama..so nnt nasi jadi halus..tp since pagi2 skang ni dah xsempat sbb ada 3 org kena loading masuk keta..ngan brg masing2..pastu skang ni pun tdo mmg tdo mati je...langsung xsedar...
takut mcm xsempat nk wat pagi2...

puree yg buat smalam...gerber pun xjual tau mcm nih...huhu

naeem skang kt nursery sy da letak tilam dia..xyah dah kongsi sbb dia alergi habuk..
last week ada skali tu cikgu call ckp muka dia naik rashes...ingatkan measles..tp pegi check kt doc..doc kata bukan...rashes biasa je..dia alergi habuk...

so..jln2 kt sogo..jumpa playpen matress..latex..$89 jek...murah tu..kt online pun lps sale dlm $124...belikan skali matress cover..

bumble bee latex playpen matress+matress cover utk naeem

da anta kt nursery tilam naeem...so far dah xde naik rashes kt muka budak cepet tuhh..legaa..

pehtu..kt warehouse sogo jumpa lak matress cover murahh...$8 jek ok..apalagi..hangkott..beli jugak snack set utk naeem punya bekal ke taska...

cadar classic pooh..pillow n bloster case..bj sepasang dgn snack set...

oh ye..resipi utk puree di atas...incase sesapa berminat laa...hehe
sedikit ikan bilis (dlm 10ekor)
carrot (separuh)
kentang-1 biji
beras sedikit
air setengah periuk kecil

-rebus sume bahan diatas sehingga nasi kembang...
siapp utk di makan...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The '6th' Tag

The Rules

1-Go to your photo folder in your computer
2-Go to the 6th folder of photos
3-Put the picture on your blog and the descriptions
4-Invite 6 friends to join the challege
5-Link them in your blog and let them know that they have been challenged

wahahahha...kena jugak gua tag ini...hadehhhh
i have a lot of folder for photos inside my pc.in the different folder there are even more sub-folder.And that does not count the pictures inside the computer at home..So it was a little bit difficult to choose the 6th picture.
But i put it like this...i choose the 6th folder contain pictures from my hard drive in the office.So here it goes..
the 6th picture is belong to....this picture......

The descriptions
This is the picture of my son,named Muhammad Nadzim Muhaimim.The picture taken during his 2nd Birhtday Bash on December 2007.In the picture he was holding the gift given by his 'atuk cheras'.

ok...done the tag..
Now i'm tagging.......
-cheq tie
-ila s2m3r
-hjh siti noor

hehehe...cepat murid2 buat keje umahhh.....:D

Monday, April 06, 2009

Short trip to PD

As planned, I took another 2 days leave last week to accompany mr.hubby.At first we want to go to T'ganu for a short vacation.But we end up to PD then.We want to go to Guaoman Hotel,but it was still closed for maintenance.Mr.Hubby wants to go Tiara Beach, but was rejected by me coz we had been there last year and I just been there on last February, so finally we chose Selesa Beach Hotel..ala..hotel yg bumbung nya konsep minang-kabau tu...cantikk.walaupun hotel tu hotel da lama..pool n beach kt situ pun cantik.sbb beach kt belakang hotel tu xramai org, privacy utk guest hotel jek...

We book for room with queen bed but the room wasnt ready when we arrived.They change to this room with upgraded to sea view..hmm..okaylaa..nasib la kami bukan jenis fussy...

bila da sampai..jalan-jalan tepi pool...lepas tu dania,nadzim ngan mr.hubby masuk pool...

while mama and this boy watching over them....

finished at the pool..they continued on the beach pulak....
lepas abis mandi manda...we went out for dinner at the seafood restaurant nearby.

naeem da pengsann...

on the next morning, after having breakfast at the hotel's cafe, mr hubby,dania n nadzim continue playing at the beach....

ada pulak la buai kt pokok kelapa tuh...so mama berbuai lah sambil menyanyi..pohon beringinnn...hahaha

ok this one after pool siap dibersihkan...sambung dari beach to the pool pulakk....

after that no pictures, we were getting ready to go home...
after all mr hubby, dania n nadzim lah yang enjoy...boleh mandi2 sume...mama apa dapat???mama jadik bibik jelaaaa....cian tak saya...huhuhu