Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nadzim 2nd Birthday Party

Dear friends,

We would love to invite for Nadzim's 2nd Birthday Party..on 2 Dec 2007, from 3-6pm at our place...

I had email my address,map and the online invitation...

Hope to see u guys!!...

Jln-Jln On Last Saturday

Due to lots n lots of work,i cant really expressed a nice story for this entry.Stressed.
Just want to share what we have done last saturday.We were not going anywhere on Sunday.Duduk rumah coz KL org sibuk buat demonstrasi.
So On Saturday:
-morning...off to tesco at 9.00 am.weekly groceries to top up.
-afternoon...went to a wedding at our neighbour's.
....went to asyraf 1st bday party...
-evening...on the way back from shah alam, singgah ke MIL..solat asar, maghrib,mkn sikit then shoot to econsave to buy garam halus which i forgot early at tesco.
ok dah..penat..

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sabtu lepas..

Akhirnya sabtu lepas side belah hubby dtg beraya…itu pun actually diorg nk dtg last week..sbb last week da ada byk agenda..postpone ke last Saturday…
Dari awal raya lg hubby da hint..nk buat mkn2 utk family dia..uihh..bunyi mcm sikit tp kalo kira2 dekat 20 org jugak tau…
Mula-mula..saya diam je..hati masih bengang lg ngan diorg..eventho da bermaafan di pagi raya..hahaha nampak sgt x ikhlas…
Sampai la diorg call last week ckp nk dtg…so terpaksa la saya plan nk masak apa…
Cuti Deepavali aritu da siap2 beli brg2…plannye nk buat bihun soto…soto tu ikut resipi lia..(of course lia masak aritu lg sedap)..hehehe
So..Sabtu tu..tunggang langgang la saya di dapur…dari pagi..buat begedil..da siap..letak dlm fridge…
Masak pulak lauk lunch..sambil tu mesin kain…kain pun da siap..mintak hubby jemur..
Then lauk lunch da siap..aritu sy masak ayam goreng berempah,sambal sotong dgn sayur kacang buncis....makan dulu…
start pulak bhn2 nk tumis kuah soto tu…da siap..kluarkan lak ayam da rebus, carikkan isi dia…
Rebus nasi impit,celur bihun,goreng begedil,goreng kacang,potong daun sup+daun bwng...kuah soto siap…ngam-ngam lepas maghrib..adehh penat bersilat sorang2…kembang2 tangan main air.
Diorang datang dalam kol 8 lebih…dah lepak2..mkn2..dlm kol 10 baru sume balik..
Penatlahhhh….Gambar…xde lah..tgh bersilat sesorang x kuasa lah nk amek gamba…huaaawa

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nisi Dominus Frustra

Today is the 6th day of my ganti puasa day.Another 5 days to go.Sunat Syawal pun abisla hari ni.Dugaan betul hari ni..nafsu makan ni mcm tak boleh ditahan.
Smalam cerita-cerita pasal skolah kejap dengan kak js.Puncanya terbaca berita kemalangan di karak-bentong.I believe that person is the father of my senior, Nik Serena,which her name mentioned in that news.

Immediately the 5 years memories at BBGS coming one by one. Whats best describe for my school? Washing n cleaning the toilet of our own, best cleanest class, best floral arrangement-those are the weekly competitions held. If our class did win one of the categories, we will scream like hell…mcmla dpt hadiah besar.hehe.. The present is actually one small trophy and it will be placed at the winning class until the next winner announced.
Not to mention.. the prefects need to check our nails, folded socks, ribbon+fringe for those not wearing tudung. Even the tudung pun x boleh yang ada sulam2 tepi tu.mesti plain, jahit tepi lurus saje. J Buttoned pocket for both pinafore and baju kurung.
The choral speaking,best hockey-team,cheerleaders,netballs,7-11,dunkin donuts, lepak at McD Bukit Bintang, malay and English talking day, our canteen, our gym, our big school field covered with 100 year-old-trees..(besar tau those pokok), flashers..heh I did saw one!!..

It is sad that the school had been demolished to make way of a huge shopping mall.I couldn’t sent my daughter to go to the school I’m proud of. I’m sad my daughter couldn’t feel the ‘aura’ of the school, couldn’t feel the spirit we felt before, couldn’t inherit the traditions, the disciplines. So sorry she couldn’t see the school that made her mama like today. And though they replace with one new complex consist of Sri Bintang Utara for girls and Sri Bintang Selatan for boys, it will never be the same like the old one. I wonder why they put the boys together coz we had one brother school, BBBS at Petaling Jaya.
I’m sure the traditions not the same as before, and the student is just go to ‘normal’ school like any school.