Friday, October 19, 2007

Pre Aidilfitri 2007

backdated entry
as planned..on thursday 2 day before raya we were off and clean our own house.

i'm able to re-arrange a little bit of the furnitures.
when we enter the house about 2 yrs ago, my husband bought a set of 3-2-1 seater sofa set, an 8 seater of dining table, those furnitures really takes a lot of space for our 20x65 house. at that time i couldnt say anything, it was his money and during that time i was heavily pregnant nadzim.malas nk survey from one shop to another.we just picked the one showed in cavenzi showroom.
so last week i managed to make the house more spacious. i'll put the picture later..hehe..

on friday..we went to my mother's house..anyam ketupat (my hubby did).dekat 50 kelonsong jugakla dia anyam.while nadzim n dania play around with their aunties, i help my mom to prepare the 5 kilo rendang daging.

bila da siap masak ketupat baru lah kami balik ke cheras.singgah ke rumah MIL,send some of the ketupat and wait for the 'takbir'.at MIL's house my SIL da siap masak nasi beriyani dan ayam masak merah.saya da x lalu makan..kenyang makan masa maghrib.5 minit b4 org takbir dtg kami pun balik.dah dekat kol 12 dah tu..bdk2 ni pun dah meragam nk tdo..

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