Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A new wardrobe and a vacuum cleaner

That would be my wishlist for next month.Desperately need those two items in order to manage our clothes more proper and make my house more tidy.
For the new wardrobe i would purposely put on all the towels,bedsheets and curtains while the current one mainly for our clothes only.
I only have time to swept the floor during nights.That would having my kids running every corner in the house,surely the dust will blow all over and i cant open all my windows and door while sweeping.My current practise is swept the floor after reach the house at about 6pm,before hubby went to pick up the kids.If we manage to come earlier,if not the floor will not be clean.Like what happened last 2 weeks where my husband had to go training and we came back only at 8.30pm.During the weekdays the floor was dusty.I really hate it.
So i hope by having a vacuum i can clean the floor whenever i like..but ehh what will my neighbours said when they heard of the humming machine during nights???


eiseai said...

azie...vacuuming tak cukup. still need to mop lah. mcm our house pun (being maidless as u are), even tho the vacuuming buat it dustless but its only for sekejap. in the end, with 2 kids running around...it needs to me mopped and i hate mopping!!

Lanza said...

Well written article.