Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life isnt complete if...

Been tagged by liasari..

Life isn’t complete if I don’t get to:

  • i would kiss hubby’s hand and he kiss my forehead before went to work.
  • Surfing,blogging and uploading some pictures to pcm,blog or fotopages.
  • Reading online newspaper..utusan/berita harian.
  • Hug n kiss my kids when we reach home.
  • Cook!!..i must make sure that at least I cook ½ or ¾ of a week.
  • Off to tesco for weekly shopping for groceries.
  • Once or twice a week my lunch time would be spent either at sogo or jln tar.heh window shopping tau!!...
  • Walking..i love to walk.Its the only exercise I did.Tak kisah walk to the masjid jamek lrt, then from klcc station up to the 1st floor of isetan. Not to mention walk thru sogo/jln tar for window shopping I did.In fact dulu2..masa skolah rendah..i used to walk to sekolah agama..and during uni time..i used to walk from kolej kelima to fakulti veterinar to attend classes..(lbh kurang sama jarak 31/2 padang bola)
  • Adding my wishlist for my house.I wonder when my house will be full furnish and nicely decorate.
  • Like lia..browsing for more recipes..but unfortunely what happen to me is..i just read and compile without trying them immediately..hahaha