Tuesday, September 25, 2007

After 4 Wonderful Years..

19 September yang lepas genaplah 4 tahun status saya sebagai isteri…Now with 2 kids…Dania Saffiya-3yrs,and Muhammad Nadzim Muhaimim- 1yr 10 months..
I would like to jot down some memories of each of the family members…

This year I enter the 3rd year of being a contract staf at KL.(sighhh..bile la nk dpt tetap ni..)My contract will end on 22nd November 2007,already apply for another year.
At work my team has been added another 3 assistant officer or assistant technician.Plus F11& F14 made our team the biggest team in our department. Being a leader of total of 13 staf is not an easy task,furthermore 60% of them is above of my own age (between 35-45 yrs old).
When at home I am a mother,a chef and a maid.Everyday I’m trying to be a better mom.In our daily routine, I actually paksa or training myself to cook for my husband and our kids.Its neither that we’ve never eat outside food nor my cooking is superb,but I’m trying to avoid of being dependant to outside food,plus they add a lot of msg (monosodium glutamate) to make the food tastier.I also believe that ‘ada berkat for air tangan seorang ibu’.
I got one property-a car-.From the very 1st day I enter uni I always dream to buy a car to make my life easy.If u know my uni,it has the biggest land for education. Plus my new faculty is so far from my college.Thus, I only afford buying a car on august 2005,the 1st mpv model for perodua.Now it had turn 2 yrs on last august.

He changed his work once, now 2nd year in an oil n gas company. Previous job at one of the Telekom Contractors for about 5 yrs. I hope he enjoyed working at the current place.I could car pool with him everyday.Though now hes been calling to another interview at another oil n gas company.I’m not so happy coz the company technical office is at cyberjaya.If got the offer then I have to drive alone from Cheras to KL (huh xsuka..xsuka) or should we consider buying a new property in Gombak as agreed.
At home he is the one who have to ‘layan’ the kids while I cook.He will change their nappies,feed them and bring them to sleep.
His wira is now turning to 7 year this year.Monthly installment is finished and I’m not allowing him to change into his dream car..hahaha..not now dear..
The only thing that I still regret is until now we cant perform our solat berjemaah.We are busy with our own multi task and I hope soon when the kids are bigger we could perform the solat together.

Dania Saffiya
The eldest,the kakak she called her own self.From born till now,she love to cry.She will cry to the top of her lung if she wants our attention.In another words..kuat mengamuk…
Walk at 13 months, memorise ABC-Z,1-10 at 16 months.Now her vocabs are really suprising me.She speaks well..meaning that xdelah pelat..sometimes mcm org tua pulak.
She would remember almost everything she saw.I’m surprised that she even still remember the warm water from telaga air panas in langkawi during our visit last march.
Since last june she already can get rid of the diapers/disposable nappies.I only put her diapers if she falls asleep.
Latest, she refused to drink her formula milk,starting to slow down with formula made her ate a lot.

Muhammad Nadzim Muhaimim
His nenek gombak would called him ‘Muhammad’.I & Hubby called nadzim..or ajim..or emim..or muhaimim..or adik.
Now love to follow her kakak..every single words or actions.He can memorise ABC, 1-10..but malas.But I can see he really love coloring.He will lay down coloring or more to conteng the coloring book.
Walking at 14 months and now try to improve his vocabs.he seems a bit ‘pelat’.Would speaks half of the word we spoke to him.For example..we said..Bukakla…he said..ukak..aa…Compared to his kakak…its easy to handle him from born till now.He is not the type of night feeding babies like her kakak. After his last milk on 9pm, he will sleep till I put him at the nursery at 6.30am every morning. He was a chubby baby before, now losing and maintaining the weight and become taller.

Four of us after 4 wonderful years..:D


eiseai said...

emim dah kurus dah. dulu dia mok mok je kan? dah nampak tinggi dah pun.

heh...sama lah we all. teringin sangat solat berjemaah tapi tak boleh. sorang mesti keep an eye on the boys takut apa2 jadik. insyaallah, in 2-3 years time bila diorang dah boleh main sendiri (safely!!) baru boleh solat ngan hubby...

Liasari said...

dah 4yrs ye azie? huhu tapi anak2 kita hampir sebaya. both of us were september child, and got married in september... coincedence ;-)

azie said...

~kak js..itulah..dulu mok-mok sedap je peluk.kan sebaya amir.smalam nk beli bj melayu amir sy confuse..sbb amir kecik.sy pulak da terbiasa beli bj besar2..

~lia..hehe 4 thn..sy 1st two year pregnnt..itu yg anak2 kita sebaya tu..heheh dua2 virgo girl.i believe character pun lbh kurang sama..hehe

kombat said...

hai emim! nak pindah gombak ke? dekat la nanti ngan umah auntie :P