Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jln-Jln On Last Saturday

Due to lots n lots of work,i cant really expressed a nice story for this entry.Stressed.
Just want to share what we have done last saturday.We were not going anywhere on Sunday.Duduk rumah coz KL org sibuk buat demonstrasi.
So On Saturday:
-morning...off to tesco at 9.00 am.weekly groceries to top up.
-afternoon...went to a wedding at our neighbour's.
....went to asyraf 1st bday party...
-evening...on the way back from shah alam, singgah ke MIL..solat asar, maghrib,mkn sikit then shoot to econsave to buy garam halus which i forgot early at tesco.
ok dah..penat..

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Liasari said...

amboiii pendeknya entry... tulislah byk2 skit lama x baca blog azie nih