Wednesday, January 07, 2009

and a new chapter begins...

why??so poyola ur mama dania...ekekeke..
its my daughter...finally..on 5th January she put her first step to the kindergarten...:)
happy??? ooh i'm sooo happy..she is a big girl now..she will turns 5 on coming august..she will meet new friends..learn new things,wayy different from what i teach her at home.

::at the corner of her kindy::

i and hubby decide to sent her to Alhannah Kindergarten...why alhannah?of all it smart readers,krista,q-dees, and a lots of others..all scattered around my house..
and with some parents put a stress on using english in school..alhannah is still on top of our list..
it offers islamic educations..dania will learn his iqra' and solat at her kindy..that were the reasons..
mind the english part will learn it from time to me to educate the young about religion is more important..i dont mind my daughter couldnt speak english fluently at her age.but i do mind if she still do not know iqra' or still didnt start to perform solat from now.
actually,my new year resolution for 2009 is to start teaching my kids iqra' and ask them to join solat with me...
so it is a relief for me.i couldnt think how am i going to put the new resolutions on my hectic daily schedule..
maybe i only need to 'polish' the iqra' and solat at home,at least she had learn it in school first.

::with mama while waiting our turn to pay the fees::

about the subject..they offer mathematics,english,science,bahasa melayu,bahasa arab(for 6yrs old student only).every thursday they will have some activities such as art n creative,doing practical on solat,games and so on.
they will have their exams and convocation too.ohh i couldnt wait to follow my daughter's development.
the teacher said that they will organize a trip for the will only a trip inside KL.i bet they will go to museum or famous mosque or petrosains or planatarium..hehe it reminds me during those dayss...:)

::1st time assembly::

to motivate her..i bought her a new bag..and yes it's a barbie bag.shes been dying for it...hehe.
huhu dania..mama dulu xder la berbarbie2 bagai ok..please study hard for mama..otherwise..mama bako beg itew..haha