Friday, January 30, 2009


Alfatihah to my late uncle, Hj Muhammad Sabar b Muhammad.He lost his battle on Friday,23rd January 2009.He suffered of unavailablity for breathing and eating.Both of his hands were not functioning since 2years back.For the past 6 months, he cant eat solid food because of his tracea becomes smaller.Therefore the doctor had to make a hole, so that the foods will be given by tube.

Abah sms to me at 11am that day,asked me not to go anywhere because his condition becomes more unstable.When the paramedic came on 11.15am, they confirmed that my uncle was already passed away.
I reached his house at about 1.30pm.Planned to drive from the office, but the traffic on that day was not with me.So quickly i walked to LRT station,took a train and asked my sister to fetch me at Terminal Putra.
My mom said that he will be buried after asar on the same day.I didnt wait until then, after recite yassin and tahlil, i left at about 2.30pm.

He is my mother second elder brother.Though he was a little bit strict to us, i had a lot of memories with him. we used to be in the same neighbourhood.During primary school, especially in the morning, whenever my mother was late i would just cross the road and tumpang his car.As a prefect, i cant afford to be late for school.
When school holiday came, i and my siblings always lepak at his house. We will had our lunch either at my nenek's house or at his house.I am also close to his boys n girl rather than any other cousins.

i really lost a great uncle.Now my mother's siblings left to only 7 of them.Previously, his second younger brother, Sharifudin b Muhammad passed away last year, on 10th of July.
semoga arwah mereka dicucuri rahmat..amin.