Monday, January 19, 2009

the 1st get-together of 2009

this is our 1st get together of 2009.
hubby received an invitation for their teams' get together last week.
it will be held at their bos's house at sri hening condo,jalan ampang.
at first we were a bit confuse of what to bring there,coz we need to bring our own pot luck.
after a few ideas, we finally decide to bring pulut kuning+rendang minang and muffins.

before that i made a trial of baking muffins.almaklumla lama sungguh dah x berbaking...alhamdulillah..i tried recipe on pandan muffins..muffin complaint.hubby likes and so my kids..siap bwk bekal ok..bawak ke nursery...hehe

the get together thing starts at 6.30pm..there were 8 families..including the host and 2 bachelor.

the food was extremely yummylicious...with pastas,nasi beriyani+chicken,kuehtiaw,lamb pillai+garlic bread,pizza and marvelous deserts..the bos's wifey cooked pastas and most of deserts..siap tanya lagi how muslim eat and where to buy..

the super huge..a 3000++ sqft condo.can u imagine?worth la kan as for the company paid rental which is about 10k per month.
their kids, jonathan, 5 is same age as my dania..but unfortunately,dania is taller than him..haha..did i once said that my childrens are americans size?hehehe..and they have a girl, aubrey 21/2 yrs old.she is so aggressive.big laugh and have big voice.

ok then..layan gambo lahh..

ini si bujang ni perangai elok je...

ngamuk kejap sbb nk susu..pastu ok...

dania (choc gown) n nadzim with sara...
tgkla brg mainan..byk giler..all brought from us..

ini la muffin yg i bake..comot je..

a table of dessert..(ada ka itu phrase..haha)

rendang+pulut..(of course my mom la yg masak)..hehe

penuhkan kt cabinet all the foods...giler sedap..

nadzim tu betulnye sluar lain da terkenc..haha

the host..mrs david with jonathan n aubrey

hubby's david..

we went back at about 10.30pm.all full, siap tapau lagi..i really love the lamb pillai+garlic bread.abg..nnt kita gi la restaurant reza kt the curve itu yea...and to mr & mrs david..thank you for ur warmest hospitality...


eiseai said...

sedapnya nampak muffin azie. takde comot nya :)

wahh dah kembali active ye blog azie, dulu masuk asyik bab before bersalin je...hehehe

ayien78 said...

best ...makan2 mmg best...ko bestla azie.... bdn ko cengkudut jek...mcm den ni hah...uwaaaaa

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