Monday, May 11, 2009

Dania's 1st trip

on 26th of April dania went to visit Kilang Roti high 5 @ Shah Alam & Planaetarium with her kindy -mates..
in the schedule given by her teacher, their tentatives will start at 8.30am.That means the bus will be leaving their kindy to Shah Alam at about that time.
So on the day, i had to woke up her at about 7am to get bath and having a light breakfast.
Armed with her 'hello kitty' pinky beg and her barbie bottle, we arrived at her kindy at about 8.15am when suddenly i realized that she was wearing the normal slipper, she used to wear to her taska.
erkk..alamak..dah comel ngan beg pink..bottle pink..pakai selipar pulak..
bukan apa..memikirkan takut putus ke kang tali selipar tu...

so off she go and came back home at about 4pm...

nak tau apa yg putus?? tali beg dia yg putus...maybe sbb cikgu masukkan botlle inside the the same time ada bekal roti 3 keping saya buat utk dia..
semua bekal n air x ber-usik langsung...padahal da berpuluh kali pesan supaya minum air banyak2..

then she also brings home a pack of goodie beg consists of;
-1 pack bread sandwich
- 3-4 roti '60'sen..with different flavour
-a pack of mini muffin

::sebelum pergi..bergambo dulu..::

::da sampai kt kindy::

::nadzim ikut hanta kakak::

::naeem pun ikut::


Ami said...

comelnye kak long dania!
nadzim tue macam nak ikut je,intai2 dari jauh :p

eiseai said...

waaaa bestnya dania gi school trip. adik2 ikut sekali, nanti nadzim ngan naeem punya turn plak :)

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