Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The '6th' Tag

The Rules

1-Go to your photo folder in your computer
2-Go to the 6th folder of photos
3-Put the picture on your blog and the descriptions
4-Invite 6 friends to join the challege
5-Link them in your blog and let them know that they have been challenged

wahahahha...kena jugak gua tag ini...hadehhhh
i have a lot of folder for photos inside my the different folder there are even more sub-folder.And that does not count the pictures inside the computer at home..So it was a little bit difficult to choose the 6th picture.
But i put it like this...i choose the 6th folder contain pictures from my hard drive in the office.So here it goes..
the 6th picture is belong to....this picture......

The descriptions
This is the picture of my son,named Muhammad Nadzim Muhaimim.The picture taken during his 2nd Birhtday Bash on December 2007.In the picture he was holding the gift given by his 'atuk cheras'.

ok...done the tag..
Now i'm tagging.......
-cheq tie
-ila s2m3r
-hjh siti noor

hehehe...cepat murid2 buat keje umahhh.....:D


NOOR AZURA said...

lawak je baca bila kena tag. ye lah, sebelum ni mmg ada kena TAG tapi delete je... ekekek ya ampunn... tp skng dah faham.tq ya syana sbb terangkan :D

akan ku cuba jawab soklan2 itu..

tq tq tq


cikgu! homework dah siap... taknak semak ke?

zeti said...

tq kakakku.. nnt zt buat ek.. tp utang dulu leh? bz ckit skang ni ;) huhu..

Ami said...

dah siap cikgu!

Idida Aziz said...

nanti ida buat kay

s2m3r said...

alamak..folder gambar ila banyak lah no yek?? huhuhu..nanti ye cikgu..saya tgk folder mana ada gambar cun....heheheh

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